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Tucson Probate & Estate Info Center

Do we need to have probate? Maybe not.

Sometimes an estate falls within the legal requirements where probate may not be required, especially when the decedent is survived by a husband or wife.


How does the family prepare for an elder’s future?

This can be a trick question, and will depend upon whether the elder is mentally-impaired. Often, these conversations are difficult. Learn how we help clients.


We have opened a probate - Now What?

One of the first surprises to our clients in the opening of a probate is that the money going to the state is only $193.00 for the court’s filing fee and perhaps some minimal amounts for certified documents (around $28).


Ownership of Financial Accounts

Assigning adult children as joint tenants (co-owners) on a parents' bank accounts may not always be beneficial. Sometimes a better alternative may be to use a financial power of attorney.