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As a Tucson probate and estate planning attorney, Henry Wood founded what would become the Wood Law Firm more than 20 years ago. Since then, the Wood Law Firm has provided trusted and cost-effective legal services to hundreds of clients, serving both Arizona residents as well as out-of-state persons acting as personal representatives for family members who have died in Arizona. We provide timely, reasonable, cost-effective, and affordable legal services and experienced advice in probate and estate planning from our conveniently located Tucson office.

We will spend all the time necessary to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and explain your options concerning probate or estate planning matters. We will act as quickly as possible to accomplish the goals of your representation, making sure you are fully informed along the way. We invite you to call our firm to learn how we can assist you.

Probate & Estate Administration

We work with personal representatives throughout the entire probate process by explaining it, answering questions, drafting and filing legal documents, and preparing detailed estate accounting as necessary, so that any required final tax filing can be completed. We have an in-house accountant preparing detailed accountings of estate income and expenditure in those relatively few probate cases where accounting is required, such as when it has not been waived unanimously.
Arizona has long had a large retirement population, including retirement communities such as Sun City Tucson, SaddleBrooke, Green Valley, and Dove Mountain. Our firm often serves out-of-state persons who have lost such a retired family member. For those not living in Arizona, we can make the process user friendly, often making travel to Arizona unnecessary.

Do I Need a Trust in Arizona?
Our Estate Planning & Asset Protection Services

As an estate planning law firm, our services are focused on suggesting measures to avoid probate to the extent possible, making streamlined, cost-effective asset distribution upon death more likely.In Arizona, a trust is often not needed to avoid probate, even where real estate and financial accounts are concerned. However, a variety of issues, if present, may make a trust solution more advisable for some people. Those issues include, but are not limited to, distributing assets over time, special needs beneficiaries, and owning real estate in multiple states. Otherwise, most persons’ estate planning objectives can often be more easily and less expensively achieved without resorting to a trust. In those circumstances, clients not only can save on the expenses of trust creation, they can also save on the expenses of trust administration. However, if a trust would be most beneficial for your circumstances, we will explain why that may be the case.

Tucson Probate & Estate Info Center

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Do we need to have probate? Maybe not.

Sometimes an estate falls within the legal requirements where probate may not be required, especially when the decedent is survived by a husband or wife.


How does a family prepare for an elder's future?

This can be a trick question, and will depend upon whether the elder is mentally impaired. Often, these conversations are difficult. Learn how we help clients.