People who Turn 18 Should Sign Powers of Attorney, Healthcare and Financial

Did you know that young people who turn 18 should sign Powers of Attorney, healthcare, and financial?  The reason is that parental authority is terminated at that time.  If a young person becomes disabled due to injury or disease after reaching 18, parents lack the legal authority to make many medical and financial decisions for

Do I need a Living Trust to avoid probate?

Maybe yes, but probably not. The State of Arizona makes it relatively easy for people to pass on their property without expensive trusts or complicated probate procedures. “Beneficiary Deeds” are a tool the legislature has given us to designate death beneficiaries for real estate that would otherwise trigger probate due to the value of the

My disabled child just turned 18.

You may very well need to be court-appointed to be your child’s guardian, and if the child has a financial estate to speak of then you may also need to be appointed his or her conservator.

My husband or wife died without a Will.

A deceased person without a Will is “intestate‚” If the decedent had children with a previous husband or wife other than the surviving spouse, those children may have an interest in part of the estate. If the deceased person left property held as joint tenants with right of survivorship (JTWROS) then the surviving joint tenant/s

Can impaired persons sign Powers of Attorney?

Probably not. To sign Powers of Attorney, a person must have the legal “capacity” to do so. The person needs to understand what he or she is signing and how the document will work to appoint an agent for healthcare or financial decisions. When a person who has dementia is mentally incapacitated beyond a certain

Does having a Will mean no probate?

When someone dies, whether there is a Will or not does not determine the legal requirement to probate the estate. The technical expression for a deceased person (“decedent”) with a Will is “testate‚” A decedent who died without a Will is called “intestate‚”. The issue of probate is not determined by whether the decedent was

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