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Elder Law includes all the issues that can arise due to one’s status as a senior citizen. One of the most common is guardianship and conservatorship, which can become necessary when we lose capacity to make our own decisions, and we have not already provided for that by the execution of powers of attorney.

Elder Law is a broad area of legal practice. It is also a rapidly developing area because of the “graying” of America and the legislation that protects the interests of the huge baby-boomer demographic. Our law firm does not deal with every aspect of Elder Law. For example, nursing home abuse is a specialty area that we refer to attorneys who focus on that issue.

One look at the list that follows will show you that areas of Elder Law overlap with other areas of legal practice. Another overlap is with professionals such as those in care management, neuropsychology, financial management and accounting. In fact, we regularly work as a team with other professionals for the benefit of clients whose needs are not limited to those an attorney can address.

Areas of Elder Law in Which We Work

Our firm is well suited to assist in the administration of estates, whether the estate is held in trust, or part of a legal process such as probate. Our staff includes an in-office accountant who works almost exclusively with such cases.

Our financial staff works with the attorney to ensure that trust and estate administration is conducted with transparency and in compliance with Arizona law including court rules.

The support we provide in the administration of trust or estate assets enables our client, who may be a fiduciary such as trustee, conservator, or personal representative, to fulfill his or her duties without devoting as much valuable personal time as would otherwise be required. The fiduciary is also assured that all too common mistakes will be avoided, thereby limiting the risk of liability.

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